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The Air Jordan 15 is a unique and distinctive basketball shoe designed as part of the Air Jordan line, which is a subsidiary of Nike. It was first released in 1999, and its design was a departure from the previous models in the Air Jordan series. The Air Jordan 15 is known for its unconventional and futuristic design. It was designed by Tinker Hatfield, who drew inspiration from World War II fighter planes. The shoe's upper features a combination of woven materials, leather, and a neoprene tongue, giving it a sleek and aerodynamic look. The Air Jordan 15 is equipped with Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot and heel, providing responsive and comfortable cushioning for basketball performance. One of the distinctive features of the Air Jordan 15 is the asymmetrical tongue, which resembles the shape of the Jordan Jumpman logo. The shoe also has a TPU heel counter and a plastic midfoot shank for stability. The Air Jordan 15 has not been as prolific as some other models in the Air Jordan line when it comes to colorways and releases. It has seen limited re-releases and collaborations over the years, making certain editions quite collectible. The Air Jordan 15 is not as widely recognized or as culturally influential as some other models in the Air Jordan series. Its unique design has divided sneaker enthusiasts, with some appreciating its distinctiveness and others finding it less appealing.
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